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Written by By Harold Brohinsky   
Thursday, February 26, 2004

I try to write something you'd want to read. But for something really funny (pathetic funny), go directly to the internet.

I did. Because "Feminizing the U.S." comes across as silly, made up, a "cause" built around a slogan and nothing more.

I looked up "feminization of America" hoping there would be an official position — an accepted spokesman (of course, a spokes-man).

I found "Surviving the Feminization of America," revised, updated and reissued as, "What Men Know That Women Don't," by Rich Zubaty. I think you'll love it.

In four colors and screaming fonts, it informs us that men, all of us, are deprived, abused, overwhelmed and overcome by women; that women have taken over and changed our "manly" American culture and made the United States into a "sissy" nation.

And, of course, women, being the weaker sex in mind and body, have subverted the government and destroyed the rights and privileges of that noble, productive, even heroic class, the male macho-man. Picture the author, our symbol of robust masculinity, who establishes his manhood after a day at a desk by going to the gym, (or maybe he owns $7,000 worth of exercise equipment). He proves himself as a provider by going hunting in an SUV, towing his ATV behind, so he can get all his expensive equipment to his modern "hunting camp." Now that's a real, down-to-earth "Bull of the Woods."

Here he is, whining, bitching, beating his manly breast, because he charges, in detail, that the "weaker sex," the "emotional sex," those helpless women who can't think straight and need to be guided by their "lords and masters," have somehow conspired and contrived to turn men into helpless slaves. Think about that.

This backlash appears whenever any group gains a share of civil rights. When King John signed the Magna Carta, he truly believed those nobles had taken away his God-given rights.

George III said the same for those lawless Americans. Even dirt-poor southerners who never could hope to own a slave fought a war to protect their "right" to own people as property and fought for a century against the idea that we'd given "privileges" to a lower class of humans who didn't deserver them. (Yes, there are a lot who still believe that, though mostly they don't say it openly.)

Since women got the vote, and were included in civil-rights law almost by mistake, they've gained a portion of the rights the laws had reserved for men. Some have shown they exceeded most men in the very characteristics we used to described as masculine.

I've worked in organizations with women chairs, presidents, administrative officers who had more brains, guts, common sense and energy than all but a very few men. A lot of the success I received credit for in public life was due to the talents and work ethic of such women.

That scares the pants off men who are overwhelmed by the fact that the quality and quantity of competition brought by women has outstripped them. Without a "glass ceiling," some of those men would be working turning hamburgers.

I tell journalism students, "If you write only for profit, write thinly disguised bigotry and racism." I should include misogyny. No writer with talent ever went broke telling people they're being taken advantage of by a "less deserving" group. Feel-good writing, validating selfish, mean, greedy thoughts will always have a market.

But, when I hear such fury directed against giving equal rights and status to any group, I'm thrilled. I know America has taken another step closer to "All men are created equal."



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