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Thursday, April 05, 2007

PLATTSBURGH — Here's a list of land transactions in Clinton County March 26 through 30, 2007.
The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents in the Clinton County Clerk's Office:
To Keith J. Trombley and Ethel A. Trombley from Rolland A. Trombley and Veronica R. Trombley, Ellenburg, zero dollars.
To John E. Schneller and Laurie Schneller from William Jost, Ellenburg, $169,500.
To William D. Rushford from Alan Mooney and Kathleen Rushford, Chazy, $5,000.
To Kelli Rodriguez from Beneficial Homeowner Service Corp, Schuyler Falls, $71,000.
To Joseph E. Firenze Jr. from Mark D. Allen and Lori P. Allen, Schuyler Falls, $109,500.
To Russell H. Wallach and Stefanie C. Wallach from Mark J. Conroy, Beekmantown, zero dollars.
To Susan A. Foreman and Dale R. Sventeck from Julia C. Sventeck, City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.
To Albert E. Abbott Jr. and Valerie L. Abbott from Gary L. Facteau, Town of Plattsburgh, $355,000.
To Arthur J. Gilman and Sharon J. Gilman from Virginia Sumpter, Mooers, zero dollars.
To Leonard Swinton from Andrew J. Wylie, City of Plattsburgh, $95,000.
To WBMM Properties LLC from C. Wendell Barber and Marianne Morrow, Town of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.
To Cabinet Gallery LLC from WBMM Properties LLC, Town of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.
To Chase Properties Inc. from Gerald Menard and Norma Menard, Town of Plattsburgh, $250,000.
To Randall R. Trombly Jr. from Christopher L. Forkey and Jeanne L. Forkey, Mooers, $3,000.
To Tammy L. Golden from Joseph M. Komlos and Phyliss J. Komlos, Chazy, $170,000.
To James Timothy Blow from Richard H. Blow and Eileen Blow, Altona, zero dollars.
To Linda N. Allen from Garth R. Newton and Velma B. Newton, trustees of the Garth & Velma Newton Living Trust, Town of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.
To Marie L. Gelwicks from Paul E. Ghenoiu and Eleanor M. Ghenoiu, Beekmantown, zero dollars.
To Sarah A. Burnell from Elsie T. Allen, Schuyler Falls, zero dollars.
To Nimrod Balogh from Laszlo Balogh and Vlastimila Koutnikova Balogh, Champlain, zero dollars.
To Heather Vanalphen and Timothy Steven Vanalphen from LTS Homes Inc., Beekmantown, $93,360.
To Robert J. Sarles and Lizabeth A. Allewelt from Damas R. Lawliss and Nicole Lawliss, Beekmantown, $50,000.
To Julie Burnell from Natalie G. Jerry and Natalie Lashway fka Natalie G. Gerry, City of Plattsburgh, $71,500.
To Alan Trudeau from Gerald Muehl and Robin M. Muehl, Champlain, $7,000.
To David Scott and Kathleen Scott from Sarah Steria, City of Plattsburgh, $141,000.
To Erin Garrand from Roger Garrand Sr., Mooers, $25,000.
To William C. Eckler and Candice L. Eckler from Rodney L. Renadette, Colleen A. Lavarnway, Jill A. Renadette, Jack M. Renadette and Kim M. McDonald, Town of Plattsburgh, $130,380.
To Richard Donah and Russell Donah from Richard Donah, Gary Donah and Russell Donah, Mooers, zero dollars.
To Gregory M. Dennin from Stacey Roark, Schuyler Falls, $15,500.
To Lysandra A. Kryvanis from Lysandra Wilkins, Peru, zero dollars.
To BKA Partners LLC from Samuel L. Hinson, Champlain, $130,000.
To Rouses Square LLC from BKA Partners LLC, Champlain, zero dollars.
To Luis A. Burgos and Mary L. Burgos from Bernard J. Langreck and Lisa I. Langreck, Saranac, $16,500.
To Terrence Seymour, David Joseph Ducharme, Mary Beth Corron, Joan Marie Zoellner, Jude Joseph Ducharme, Angela Marie Brutte and Edmund Joseph Ducharme from Rose Marie Ducharme aka Rose M. Ducharme, Chazy, zero dollars.
To Derek Rosenbaum from Raymond S. Eichorn and Nancy S. Eichorn, City of Plattsburgh, $122,500.
To Bradley R. Kiroy and Brandy L. Pelkey from Barry O'Brien, Dannemora, $99,500.
To Kristen L. Ross from John H. Dragoon and Margaret T. Dragoon, Mooers, $20,000.
To Paul J. Roberts and Courtney S. Roberts from Thomas G. Latinville and Susan C. Latinville, Town of Plattsburgh, $309,000.
To Tyson L. Drown and Valarie L. Drown from Larry T. Miller and Leeward L. Miller, Town of Plattsburgh, $159,900.
To Judith Anne Cavanaugh from Judith Anne Cavanaugh as executrix of the last will and testament of Rodney A. Cavanaugh aka Rodney Allen Cavanaugh, City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.
To Christopher M. Wilkins from Mark Cobb, AuSable, $130,000.
To John J. Yoder and Ellen G. Yoder from Anthony J. Pastizzo and Cheryl L. Pastizzo, Black Brook, zero dollars.
To William J. Poupore from Mabel R. Miller aka Mabel Roberta Miller, Mona Lisa Dubay, Kitty L. Miller, Alexandra L. Miller, Harold G. Miller III, Patrick S. Miller and Ernest E. Miller, Clinton, $24,000.
To Rickey J. Rondeau and Jenette F. Rondeau from Scott Bombard and Anson A. Bombard, Black Brook, $10,000.
To Daniel Giroux from Peter William Carpenter and Cindy Ann Carpenter, Schuyler Falls, $168,500.
To Brian Scaringe and Loren Scaringe from Albert Brinson and Susan Brinson, Town of Plattsburgh, $131,000.
To David V. Champagne from David V. Champagne, Michelle A. Dowling, Vernon Champagne and Joanne Champagne, Town of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.
To Robert Wilcox, Hilda McGivney and Karla Lamont from Robert Wilcox, Hilda McGivney and Karla Lamont, Peru, zero dollars.



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