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Written by JEFF MEYERS, Staff Writer   
Friday, April 13, 2007

walking at work

The American Heart Association is promoting a plan for employers to support walking-related activities for their employees.
To learn more about Walking at Work Day, visit the Heart Association's Web site at

PLATTSBURGH — When Jared Fogle walked into the room, he attracted a lot of attention.
Whether it was his smile, his voice or a physique that has become an American icon over the past eight years, people took notice of the man who has become known simply as "Jared."
"Hey, it's the Subway guy," one patron of the Wal-Mart Subway in Plattsburgh said when Fogle arrived Thursday afternoon as part of a tour promoting the American Heart Association's Start! Walking Today initiative.
"One of the things the American Heart Association is trying to do is to get employers involved in their employees' fitness," Fogle said.
"If you want to have healthy, productive employees and you want to have better insurance costs, then get involved in programs that promote healthy activities."
Start! Walking Today is a nationwide campaign that encourages employers to create health-related activities, such as work-related walks, to promote a healthier atmosphere on the job.
"Walking is a terrific way to improve your health," Fogle said, noting that he walked a half-hour each day when he was in the process of losing 240 pounds nearly a decade ago.
"I always encourage communities to participate in healthy activities."
Fogle gained his celebrity status through a Subway advertising program that stressed his regular habit of eating two subs per day over a year-long diet.
"I weighed over 425 pounds," he said. "I knew I had to lose weight. I was only 20, and I was having all kinds of health-related issues."
Living close to a Subway, he decided to eat low-fat options there and did not make his successful advertising connection with Subway until he had lost most of his excess weight.
Even today, he eats subs a couple of times a week, but his active lifestyle of touring the country to promote healthy eating habits has also helped him to stay trim.
"It's surreal," he said of the celebrity status he receives wherever he goes. "But it's the greatest job in the world: I get to be me."



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