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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

PLATTSBURGH — Come on. Sure, this is the North Country. But a huge snowstorm on April 15?
Northeastern Clinton Central School senior Sam Parker didn't mind extending spring break one more day — except that Monday should have been opening day of the baseball season.
In a home game, the Cougars would have taken on Plattsburgh High School.
"Looking at the snow, we're obviously not going to be playing any games for a while," Parker said.
That's frustrating, as the team's looking good, said the right fielder/second baseman.
"We have a lot of returning players. We only lost two seniors."
The return of winter had already kept all but about three practices confined to the gym, where, said Parker, "it's boring after a while.
"We're all looking forward to getting outside."


Mollie Santa didn't know if global warming caused the April snowfall, but she knew she didn't like it. The 15-year-old Plattsburgh High School student hung out with a couple of friends at Koffee Kat Monday.
"I think this is terrible, and I don't like winter."
Plus, she said, she was bored by the end of last week's break and was looking forward to returning to school.
Ben Warner, 17, has been bored lately too.
"I just wanted to go to school today and see my friends," said the PHS student.
He shoveled for his mother before venturing out for coffee with his friends and said the walk downtown was annoying.
"Some of the sidewalks aren't shoveled, and it's all slushy."
"I think it's kind of strange to be getting all this snow in April, especially when it took so long to snow this winter," chimed in 16-year-old PHS student Sarah Deeb.
"Yesterday it's raining, and then it's snow. "I think it's kind of strange," she said.
"I'd rather have a warmer day off.


A number of local people spent their vacations in warmer climes.
Saranac Lake senior Maria Trumball, 17, just got back from a spring-break trip to Florida and professed a love-hate relationship with this particular round of April weather.
"After being in 85 degrees, 30 is a little hard to come back to.
"I love it because we got an extra day off (from school). But I hate it because of all the snow."
Trumball didn't spend the day doing last-minute homework or anything bookish.
She thought a little rain in the forecast was fortunate.
"Hopefully, it will melt the snow if it does."


Laura Paul was watching the news in her Cadyville home when she lost power a little after 11 p.m. due to Sunday's April storm.
Power returned around 5 in the morning.
"I just think it's global warming," she said of Sunday evening's snowfall.
She's read about global warming extensively and has noticed the abnormal weather patterns herself, and while she hates to be a pessimist, that seems to her to be the logical answer.
"I'm sure part of it is normal, but I think at this point global warming is definitely a factor."


North Country Golf Club Manager Dustin Beauregard said the storm put a dramatic hold on their opening, which had originally been planned for yesterday.
The golf course was open by April 2 last year. The new date for this year is April 27.
The wintry weather is also hindering the workforce. Normally, five members of the groundskeeping crew are working on the course, but the weather has limited work to one person indoors, Beauregard said.
"We would usually have the greens mowed at least once already. The guys would all be working outside raking and cleaning up brush."
He said the course is completely flooded but should recover rapidly if the weather improves. Beauregard said the course came through the winter in good condition, as there was a fairly constant snow cover to protect the greens.
Ideally, the next few weeks would see temperatures around 60 with sunny skies. Windy conditions also help dry the course, Beauregard said.
"At this point, we are looking at extending the season into November. We generally close on Halloween. We are going to look at trying to continue the season to get some of these days back."
— By Staff Writers Suzanne Moore, Steve Bartlett, Kim Smith Dedam and Dan Heath.



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