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Written by ROBIN CAUDELL, Staff Writer   
Thursday, April 19, 2007

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WHAT: "Identity: Senior Exhibition 2007"
WHEN: Opening reception is from 4-6 p.m. Saturday. Artists' lectures from 3-4 p.m. The show runs through May 12.
WHERE: Plattsburgh State Art Museum, Myers Fine Arts Building
HOURS: Noon-4 p.m. daily
PHONE: 564-2474

"Identity: Senior Exhibition 2007," a diverse collection of works by art students, opens Saturday at the Plattsburgh State Art Museum.
More than 250 works in sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, photography and graphic design will be exhibited.
The 22 students worked on all aspects of the show from deciding its title to reception festivities. Students were also tasked with making a price list for their works. Plattsburgh State Art Museum Director Ed Brohel cautioned his students that they shouldn't give their work away but they shouldn't price themselves out the market.
About the transition from student artists to professionals, Andrew Bucsis, art historian and Senior Exhibition student director writes:
"We have learned from the study of art in an educational institution how to interact with each other to create a suitable social environment beneficial to everyone. Not only has this exhibition exposed us to art's far-reaching influence, but it has also prepared us for, and is the beginning of our developmental awareness of our potential as human beings fuelled in finding our subjective revelation through creativity. Thus, this show is a reference point of ideas that permeates all areas of existence and links them in the framework of a single meaning that is our art."
"Identity" raises the bar once again on art generated in the studio program by students studying for the B.A. or B.F.A. There are more photographers than previous years, and their work is edgier.
Insight about the students' art and their thoughts about art are articulated in the following artist statement excerpts:
Anushka Anton
"Since this world is not as perfect as we would like it to be, art is a tool that I use to make the world a better place. Making art makes our life and environment closer to being perfect."
Gregory Badger
"In short, our art defines us."
Jane Bentley
"I interpret the world that surrounds me and record it in a way that evokes a sensation without personally revealing too much. This leaves the art in an active state of interpretation for any viewer. In this way, my work will say more than I can.
Francis Carter
"The area of art that I pursue is commercial art and how it influences its audience. To have the ability to entice an onlooker into buying a particular product is the pinnacle of creativity, to me."

Mirela Cecunjanin
"I am very interested in line, light and shadow within the paintings just as the old masters were. Many of the works have evolved into a more historical framework of images and portraits inspired by my homeland of Bosnia."

Shawna Cross

" ... I express my interpretation of what I see around and within me through color, texture and movement. This is my purest, most honest attempt to reveal and explain my experiences and the feelings they inspire within me."

Ashley Danforth
"Although my images are abstract, I think of them as portraits. I photograph my family and close friends as well as inanimate objects that hold a special significance for me."
Sarah Hamilton
"When I look through a camera I truly begin to see the world."
Philip Hardy
"This is a profound statement.
You know what I am saying.
You know who I am.
I know who you are.
I am speaking to you.
You love me.
I love you."

Marnie Herlands
"Through portraiture we can get a glimpse into someone else's life in a real and honest way."
Kristi Higgins
"Photography fascinates me because it gives me the ability to literally stop time and capture a fragment of reality."
Jenny Hutchinson

"I test myself to do something with it that I did not know I was capable of."
Amelia Kizzer
"Clay attracts me with its unique ability to create texture. I can express myself in a spontaneous, unorganized way and this process allows one piece to develop into another."
Katherine LaMarca
"Connecting both mediums, ceramics and printmaking, has generated various dreamlike linear concepts that I am able to explore in an expressive manner."
Alyssa Manning
"My artwork keeps me sanely insane."
Jamie Martin
"When I look through the viewfinder on my camera, I see a completely different world."
Eric McEdward
"When a photograph of mine compels a viewer to reconsider or change the way he/she thinks about or views a particular subject, then I consider it to be successful."
Rachel Moore
"No matter where I point my camera at equines or otherwise, my desires to study unique forms and portray the simple beauty that lies in their existence remains the same."
Rachel Mousseau
"I believe the form of an artist is inside each individual in its own unique way."
Laurie Olson
"As a photographer, I try to show my viewers that one can stop a single moment, show motion, or even create sensations using color and light. I want to inspire you to respond on an emotional level."
Jessica Pasche
"The mind, like everyday life, can be very random and bizarre. I try to exercise my thoughts and experiences through my paintings."
Ashley Thatcher

"If I were to replay my memory, it would be shown as a series of still frames rather than a moving stream of consciousness."



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