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1999 to April 2007Our Old Archives section includes articles published online from the launch of on January 1, 1999 until we switched to our current site on April 16, 2007. It should be understood that not every locally written article was published online, so this archive can't be considered a complete archive of the Press-Republican newspaper.
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To narrow your search and reduce the number of results to look through, you can select specific article categories including:
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  • Op-ed (editorials, Letters to the editor, In My Opinion)
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  • Obituaries
To search within one or more of the categories, use the mouse to select one or more of the boxes next to where it says "Search Only:"
You can also use categories to search within the Obituaries from this period. The advantage (or disadvantage) of using this method to search through the Old Obituaries is that the results will include every instance where an obituary included the search term(s). This will include not only the name of the deceased, but also the name of every relative mentioned in all obituaries. To narrow your search to only the name of the deceased, use the Old Obituaries search section. Within this search section, type the name of the deceased in the "filter" box and press enter.
You have the option of sorting the results with newest or oldest articles first. You can use multiple search words with the option of searching for articles containing any of the search words, all of the search words or all search words in the exact order you wrote them (exact phrase).


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