Ironman Lake Placid notes & quotes

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Lake Placid’s Charlie Cowan on the swim: ”It was probably the toughest swim I’ve ever had, kinda like playing water polo for about one length of the thing. Just getting kicked in the goggles and hit in the head, kicked in the jaw.”

Joni Gerken on her race: “The swim was tough; my bike was awesome. It was a little too awesome, I think. Because running’s normally my strong point, I think I would’ve done a little better on the run if I had held back on the bike a little bit. Overall, I had a really good day.”

Morrisonville’s Jeffrey Burdo on his day: “I was pretty strong on the bike, and the run went as planned afterward. So actually I feel pretty good.”

Jennie Hansen on how she planned to spend Sunday evening: “Not moving.”

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