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Saturday, February 24, 2007 — EARLY EDITION

By Bonnie Black

For most of us, we have forgotten it is Saturday and only two more full days left. We have had so much to do today, I will tell you more when I have a chance to give everyone credit for what they experienced or did.

But our “big” moments today included a visit by the Managuan Rotary Club members to a completed latrine site and to the pit (18 feet deep) over which a latrine will be placed on Monday by a team of us. This project will take close to 3 years and provide 150 individual latrines to families. It is a joint international project among the Plattsburgh Noon Rotary Club, the Bergen-Highlands-Ramsey Rotary Club in New Jersey and the Rotary Club of Managua.

Arriving bright and early this morning was former travelers Jeremy Eppler who is in the second year of his Peace Corps work in Nicaragua. Having another fluent interpreter is always welcomed even if his stay is only for two days.

But topping it all was Gabriella Flores’ quinceanera which was held in the church here at Nino Jesus de Praga. The priest gave a wonderful message about the meaning of her name and what this day means in her life and her life-to-come. It was filled with joy with many of us in attendance as well as many of her relatives from Chiquilistagua and Managua as she celebrated her 15th birthday and her move from childhood toward adulthood.

More tomorrow as I must get back to other on-going tasks!


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