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Sunday, February 25, 2007

By Bonnie Black

Our day of rest! But, we had our regular 7am meeting followed by our “official” group photo. We then headed to Mass at 9am and were ready to board our buses for the Masaya Volcano and the Granada boat tour on Lake Nicaragua when newlyweds from Canada arrived who we had met on the AirTransat flight: Eric Rodrigue and Genevieve Barry. They had been following our daily activities by reading the Press-Republican website and decided they wanted to come over from their Pacific resort villa and see what we are all about – in person! So, we invited them to join us on our day of leisure and they are staying at the Flores residence as they want to be a part of our daily work tomorrow! Eric will most likely go to the Disability Center with Kevin Cosgro and Evan LeFloch while Genevieve, as a registered nurse, will travel with the medical team.

So, we headed out of the campus just around 10:15 toward Masaya. Our first bus arrived at the Volcano National Park just after 11am with their first stop at the Interpretive Center (don’t read too much in to that – it is where the bathrooms are!). The 18 who spent their time at the Masaya Volcano were dutifully impressed with this natural phenomenon: Jim & Carol Dumont, Karen O’Brien, Marissa Dillenberger, Jon Provost, April Yeaney, Alexa Cosgro, Roger & Marilee Patnode, Flo Reynaud, Joy Cayea, Kevin Cosgro, Bill Calmbacher, Sarah & Evan LeFloch and Gabriella Flores.

The other 34 plus Jeremy Eppler, continued up the road to Granada, the site of the Spanish settlement in what is now Nicaragua. We split up in to three boatloads for a calming, casual hour around the small islands near Granada. One of the island homes is owned by the family involved in Payless Shoe and Flora de Cana. Another – which boasts an inground pool – is a B&B where you can stay three nights for only $260…total. Another boasts new construction for a soon-to-open hotel. So, this little piece of serenity along the shores of Lake Nicaragua is becoming quite inhabited. The island where a family of monkeys live may very well not host them when return again in the future.

Both groups met up at Pollo Narcy at the foot of El Coyotepe, the former scout training grounds of Somosa. After that we headed to the Masaya Market for close to two hours among the artisans of Nica.

Returning to Nicasa, we were treated to pizza and beverages courtesy of Sean Watson – a tradition on our day of rest. We were able to share this with Magaly and her husband, Inocencio, the sisters from Nino as well as the sisters and priests from Nejapa who had their Mother Superior visiting. Sister Debbie presented them with a Polaroid camera for their use at the school. All seemed to have quite a good time as Evan LeFloch got out his guitar and our students started the entertainment with a Peter, Paul & Mary tune they have been practicing to perform for the students at Nino on Tuesday. Well, little did we know, the sisters from Nejapa knew the song – in Spanish – with their own hand versions of the various animals: green alligator, long-necked geese, humpback camel and chimpanzee, a cat, at rat, an elephant and….a unicorn! They entertained US and we all ended the evening with many smiles and laughs and hugs. The priest had a 2007 calendar from the Servium order which he provided to many of us so we can remember them as we prepare to leave.

Tomorrow is our last day, but a full day of activities trying to tie up the various projects we still have to accomplish.


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