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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

By Bonnie Black
We began bright and early creating an organized storage environment in the Officina. Everything is labeled by bunk # and then alphabetically by suitcase or box.

While we were doing that task, Inocencio and Magaly showed up to take Marty and I to deliver the last wheelchair to a woman who Roger assessed the other night. We also had a walker which we brought along which made sense once we arrived at her house. The floor was tile on top of concrete blocks, not a dirt floor, so she would easily be able to use both. She was so pleased as was her daughter that they presented us with a corn meal which we later gave to the guards as a meal.

Then the four of us traveled to take a photo of the Pickering home shelter and present the photo of Marcel Bechard in whose memory it was constructed. The family seemed so proud to show us their new dwelling and were very surprised to receive the photo which they put in a special location immediately.

Our final trek for the morning was to visit and photograph a few of the Rotary-funded latrines in Monte Verde and also along a narrow byway in another part of Chiquilistagua.

We returned to Nicasa to find that Bill, Diane and Dan were moving right along with the completion of the inventory and storage of all of our items. The storage closet, Home Depot and now the rest of the property of MOH is all in place and ready for our next Mission team!


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