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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

By Bonnie Black
Our advance team held down the fort, so to speak, and got the last minute tasks completed throughout the day. There is only one delivery expected tomorrow to round out the supplies needed for the next 8 days when everyone is here working.

Flights went well, according to Sister Debbie with most travelers getting to know each other better. This is so important as we begin a special time together. The bonding created in the airports during the layovers allow for the time we never truly had before leaving to ‘expand our horizons.’

Mauricio was running all around town today with the shopping lists we had for him of supplies for the coming week that weren’t being delivered; it was more of the ‘small stuff’ but the rest of what we needed to make sure everything was aligned for the beginning of Mission 32 on the ground tomorrow morning.

Bill Murray went to get the rental van with Rene who was our ‘backup’ driver due to the fact that Wilfredo had broken his leg this afternoon and was in the ER. We are thinking of him and hope that he heals quickly – although that will be long after we leave.

Bill Calmbacher and Bev Gogola did the food shopping this afternoon visiting the various stores necessary to procure everything on Sister Stephanie’s grocery list. They were picked up by the van while Mauricio completed the shopping for tomorrow’s dinner items then shooting over the airport to greet the group.

I had a quick call around 5:15pm when the main group was taking off – literally – from Houston. The flight was a little rough coming into Houston from Newark, but Sister said that everyone they spoke to in the airport had mentioned their flights coming into Houston were also quite bumpy.

The main group landed in Managua around 8:15pm (Nica time) right on schedule. It was just after 9pm when the first travelers exited from the second customs check to find their transportation waiting. Everyone got to Nicasa around 10:15 pm, ready to unload the bus and truck and find their bed.

Checking in the 60 suitcases tonight at Nicasa were the A Team members and Mel Landers who assured each traveler had their assigned suitcase with them and placed it in the designated area from which we will begin sorting in the morning.

Many were so tired, they were still running on nervous energy they didn’t know they had! They received their orientation to the process of the bathrooms and took their personal items out of the many suitcases now in the courtyard. But, after about a half hour, everyone settled in and are spending their first night in Nica. We’ll see how many acclimate to the rooster next door!

Tomorrow morning we will be having breakfast a little later than usual, from 6am - 7am, followed by our first morning meeting starting a half hour later than usual at 7:30am. More on tomorrow…tomorrow!


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