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Friday, February 12, 2010 - Early Edition

By Bonnie Black
After our first Mission #35 morning meeting ay 7am, everyone began working on the ‘second’ setup tasks to be done. Roger and I met regarding a revised medical team plan, changed from last night’s discussion (!).

At 8:45am, Marty, Diane, Joy went over to Carlos’ to meet Sr. Ligia of San Jose Hospital in Diriamba for her first pickup of medical supplies. She then came over to NiCasa to meet with Roger who showed her more medicines that were available to her. They then spoke about arrangements for the PAP and HIV testing of women next week as well as the lead testing of children and diabetic education for hospital staff. Guess what? It won’t be on the day pre-determined, but on Friday at 7am. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that Mission #35 has been shifted from this week to next!

Samantha, Rachel , Bev and Alysia put back into place the bedroom setup for entire group with Bill and Roger assisting whenever possible…until Dr. Gonzalez and her 5 medical students showed up got a meeting from the UAN. Next Friday, these students will do metabolic screening to get general baseline information as well as use our information the lead testing. They will be coordinating with Sr. Ligia for those tests and get the results back to both the Mission and San Jose Hospital.

The students will test the pre-schoolers at Nino Jesus de Praga and use the positive results for the Filtron project of our ECO Team. And make recommendations so that Dr. Lopez can treat them in our clinic with medicines we can procure. Dr. Gonzalez will be sending information on a gravel system that she is using in rural areas that can reduce the price and be just as effective. It was designed by a North American for use in very rural areas. We will be speaking with Sr. Rosa in hopes that this will come to fruition. The students will be doing followup studies, for evidence-based results, on the families who receive the filters. If the students still are positive for parasites after the family has received a filter, we will examine the entire family and treat the entire family. The students would like us to provide the specimen containers that cost 3 cordobas each for about 300 people (900 cordobas is about $44). We also gave information on the moringa tree which they will study and see how to use that as well.

They also plan on coming to La Chureca next week with our medical team to assist with the PAP and HIV testing. Roger then spoke to them about the possibility of developing a program to supplement the hours in our new location and develop specialty areas for our clinic to offer in the future. This is something to working grooming with the University to provide them with internships and us with a greater medical presence at a reasonable cost to the Mission.

Roger also began a discussion for a visit of a small team of ours to the University over the next few days – so he is hopeful that he can change his return ticket in order to get this concept established!

Bev re-did the kitchen supply list for the expanded full group and she will be doing that shopping tomorrow as we learn more about how many are coming on which days (by 11am, she found out that we will have 33 here by Sunday evening and then the last 17 here by midday on Monday).


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Hola Senora Bonita. See you soon. Say Hola to everyone down there in Nica.

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