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Sunday, February 14, 2010 Early Edition

By Bonnie Black
This morning we began with Diane reading the Dahli Lahma’s ‘Good Karma’ – true instruction for life. A great tone to set for the day as we complete all tasks and await our companions.

Thanks goes to Marty for a delicious pancake breakfast – a Sunday ‘tradition’ on Mission and we just HAD to carry it on!

Roger went up to the Clinic this morning and identified our exam tables and other items with labels on all sides in preparation for moving these to the new clinic in late spring. He also worked on the Medical Team schedule for the upcoming week. He determined we are in need of some nebulizers for our work here, so if anyone has a nebulizer that their family no longer needs, it would be greatly appreciated as a donation to our work in Nicaragua.

Diane and Alysia went up to NiCarlos’ to complete the search for select items Roger requested for this Mission and to label for locations more supplies for pickup on Monday. They also sorted some of the ECO items in preparation for some work.

Bev worked on developing the complete ‘kits’ for the focus missions which will stay at NiCarlos and for the next A Team (again!) in hopes that they will be the supplies that will remain for those uses and not be integrated into the main supplies here at NiCasa. We are hopeful that it will allow the smaller groups (up to 8 people) to begin their missions without having to worry about the ‘basics’ for themselves.

Diane and Alysia then walked over to Victoria’s home with the laundry supplies for the upcoming week in preparation for keeping all 49 of us in clean clothes!

As a group, at our morning meeting, we discussed some enhancements to the packing process to make everything even more efficient and effective than it already is – and it’s really good already!

This morning we had a second priest celebrating Mass with Father Jalder. He studied under Father Jalder, then went to Oregon for a while and just returned last month. He is a native Nicaraguan and is happy to return to serve in this area.

This afternoon, Joy spoke with a gentleman named Frank regarding an ECO project with the Filtron water filters, but he will have to get back to us regarding a specific day as he wasn’t in the office with his calendar this morning. He hopes to make the meeting with the families and us around 3pm one day this week.

It was so good to see Yamilette – finally! She joined us at lunch time and we heard how long she stayed in line to be reticketed along with hundreds of others in the Atlanta airport. They organized people into 6 lines, but each fed into the same single reticketing window! Things got a little out of hand and they even had to call in airport dogs to help control. The airline lost her bag and she is going to the airport later today to, hopefully, get it back.

Want to get to a public internet to send a few days’ worth of notes along to you, so I will close. Remember, the Phone Tree will be initiated once the group is on the group tonight in Managua – the first 22 tonight – and initiated again tomorrow afternoon when the remaining travelers arrive.

Hasta luego!


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