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Thursday, February 18, 2010

We began this evening’s meeting a little late as we had so much going on so late in the day. Many of our projects ran over time and pushed everything later than expected. Tonight, Sister Debbie began with the Serenity Prayer which she asked us to say in unison.

We ‘lost’ our first team member this morning at 4:15am, when Alysia Privrat had to go to the airport.

Paul asked for appreciation of Samantha, Rachel Daly and Eliza for the work they do each night.

Looking at the schedule for transportation, everything is extremely tight with what we have left on our project list with only one day left and tomorrow being the only opportunity to go to the market for those leaving on Saturday.

We will forego the 7am meeting in the morning because more than half will be gone beginning at 6am…but, Joan, Nancy Cronin and Bev volunteered to open the kitchen early.

Blessing of spending the afternoon with Alexa and Alex with all of the attention Jonan gave in the market and stopped for tortillas she gave an oportunity to her to make the tortillas.

Alexa said it looks simple, but it starts as a circle that gets quickly smashed into the evenly flattened tortilla – it’s a skill she learned first-hand this afternoon.

Pleasure to be with them – the shortest time on Mission - as they have to be back for Sectionals this coming week.

This morning Yami and Sister has a meeting with our lawyer regarding the process of getting water and electricity to our new property. They learned he was an official Nicaraguan representative to the CAFTA meetings and that within the last year, the Obama administration has approved free trade between the US and the Nicaragua. Our lawyer is being trained for the health rights for those involved in CAFTA. He said he is not charging what he should be as he believes in the Mission and is proud to be a part of us, in his way.

Sister then shared what she and Megan discussed at the Houston airport when she asked a shop attendant to mail the Get Well card to Sister Stephanie. This morning, it was received back home! Always be burned in life and you are disillusion, but for all of those times it is always better to trust and be wounded than not trust at all. It says something about the goodness of most people.

Alexa told us that today, stopping at La Chureca, it was the first time she had seen it from ‘the rim.’ Seeing houses made of garbage bags and cardboard along side of the piles of garbage was hard to look at. Back in the US, we are so materialistic and replace ‘things’ immediately when they get a mark or whatever – we take it for granted. It was eye-opening.

Her other story was about the return trip when they stopped at the fruit market when Sister was practicing the new word for the day: ladrillo!

Frank donating 500 bricks for the rocket stoves we will be putting together from our new site.

Bobby also went to the rim of La Chureca noting that when they exited, there was a child who was running after them with the look of, “Take me with you.” He said he can still see him running in this mind with that look on his face.

Marty told us that Karla is his story for the day. She sits across the road from the gate and sells the treats we can buy – that’s how she takes care of her family. She is the sole provider. He learned that she wants to go to pastry/bakery school to expand her business to include birthday and wedding cakes. He agreed to pay her tuition through Mauricio. She got teary when he made the offer and told him that he is the only person who provides help. He reinforced that it is because she works hard everyday and is committed to providing for her family. He noted his respect for her – a woman with a 4th grade education.

Karen informed us that the clinic staff ( all women) said that James, who had come to pick them up and help put things back into the van, was ‘muy bonito!’

Rachel Oberding then piped in telling us how Alexa tried to say, “I’ll miss you” and she, too, had a verbal slip up.

Sister mentioned that everyone’s presence around the circle is critical, whether there has been verbal participation or not so far. It is every single person that makes the Mission. Everyone should feel important and valued, because without you, there is no Mission #35.

She reinforced the need to journal in order to process all that has happened this week and we need to be attentive. We can’t lose the opportunity to lose what has been happening. The journal is vital.

Alexa said that this has been her best mission ever – thanks to the kitchen people who volunteered to replace her today being that it was her last day.

Joan had our evening prayer which was a song by Celine Dion and Andre Bottcelli titled,“ We listened with eyes closed for contemplative reflection. It happens to be the song that was played before the very first Mission departed to Nicaragua and it had become the ‘theme’ song for the first 3 years. It’s a way for all things coming full circle as we begin our second 10 years.

Tonight’s treats were purchased from Karla as a gift to all from Barbara and Vanessa.


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