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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

By Bonnie Black
As you now know, Mission 35 has changed – even before it got off the ground! With the severe weather on the East Coast, it was impossible to redirect 39 people from the Plattsburgh area to Managua within the next few days. So, in essence, the large group Mission #35 has turned into a mini-Mission. We aren’t actually a ‘focused’ mission as we will not have just one priority area. We will be trying to pick up as many of the tasks, as 9 of us can do, of all of those planned for the 50 to accomplish over the next week.

Today, we had almost the entire NiCasa set up for housing the full group and accommodating them for meals when we received word that the severe snowstorm had changed our plans. What we will need to do over the next few days is reduce the ‘size’ of what we had set up for the 9 of us who are here right now and the one person flying in from Washington State who will be able to make it tomorrow night. We still aren’t sure if one more person will accomplish the feat of making it here tomorrow night or not, as she was booked separately from the rest of the main group. Once we know that, we will ‘right-size’ Mission #35.

Roger Patnode, Bill Calmbacher and Joy Cayea spent some time this afternoon at the Nino Clinic segregating the almost expired meds and preparing them for distribution later this week to two other clinics we work with here. They then went, along with Marty Mannix, Samantha Mulcahy and Rachel Daly, up to NiCarlos and began to make a little headway into the recent shipment from CMMB. Much work is still to be done, so they came back so that Roger and Joy could look at the detail and plan a ‘mode of attack’ for distribution of those medicines over the next few days.

Diane Crosier and Bev Gogola went with Mauricio into town to procure some food so that the 9 – soon to be 10 – of us will have some sustenance beyond what is left here from last Mission. And, of course, it required a trip to the Fruit Market so that we can begin to enjoy the Nica pineapple!

Tonight we strategized the various tasks that were set to be accomplished. We think we have a plan to make a little headway into the vast number of medical and community development projects we had on our lists. Without the 45-50 suitcases of supplies coming, we reprioritized what, most likely, can be accomplished.

Tomorrow morning, Sister Debbie will be meeting with the medical people who had been part of Mission #35 to see if any are able to make arrangements to fly down early next week and leave with the balance of A Team early Sunday morning. We will know more later tomorrow.

I will keep you up-to-date as we rearrange this mission. We WILL be serving our friends here with the supplies we have on site, so stay tuned!


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