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Daily Journal: Saturday, February 19, 2011 (Early Edition)

By Bonnie Black
This is day #2 here on the ground and, after breakfast, we opened our morning meeting with Kevin leading us in “This Little Light of Mine” which we all sang and clapped to. He began with a quote from Mother Teresa, “Our biggest fear is not our darkness but, our light – our purpose is to make manifest the Glory of God.”

I have to add a little personal note; our oldest daughter sang that song which she learned in Church School when she was just 3 and we have her on videotape with all of her energy and light – especially the “no!” response to hiding in under a bushel. The energy that our teens used this morning singing with Kevin reminded me of that memorable moment in our family.

We then reviewed the Star Groups which there wasn’t time to do in transit at any of the airports and leaders got to know their groups and establish meeting places.

Sister reminded us, “You are building on a history and creating your own legacy as part of Mission.”

Sister Kathy asked Emily and Aislyn to give each one of us an ‘eye of God’ that she had made over the past week prior to Mission. She noted that even though made of the same thread, they were all different in appearance. We then listened to “One Lord” in closing our morning meeting. She reinforced that we are called to be open to the beckoningl of God to serve each other in one common ground. We closed saying “The Eye of God” prayer together which was printed on our cards. What a memoerable gift to each of us – thanks, Cathy!

After our meeting, Jeremy Eppler joined us; once part of the original mission groups and later in the Peace Corps here in Nicaragua, he now works for USAID and was able to be with us for the day at El Crucero with Sister meeting with the new Mother Superior.

After the morning meeting, leaders for the various tasks gathered their groups and discussed the plans for the day.

Here at our Clinic this morning was a Women’s Health Clinic staffed by Alysia Privat, Bev VanDenburgh and Allie Delventhal. They had a few women take advantage and interviewed them as to how to increase participation from the immediate community.

Transportation was a minor hurdle as we sent off the first van to El Crucero with a complete team: Marlee, Roger, Joy, Maggie, Megan Hall, Megan Harris, Ann, Hillary, Zach, Sister Claire, Sister Stephanie. Jeremy Eppler and Sister went with Mauricio in another car for meetings there this morning, too, and to bring Barbara Dobilas back as she returns to the States tomorrow.

That left one van to cover 3 other locations, two of which were painting crews with supplies, so everyone went out in phases.

First out was a group to Fernando Velez Paiz Children’s Hospital along with the Parajito Azul team. Liam Harrison was the leader for the hospital painting crew that spent the day there: Aislyn, Paul Raino, Abi, Sister Cathy and Bill C.

At Parajito Azul were Josh Jabaut and Nancy Cronin who brought more donations today.

The van then returned to gather the group for the Dermatological Center painting task which will take all day: Kevin, Norm, Tom, Sara L., Mary-Kate, Amanda and Justin.

The driver, Chico, then spent time purchasing more supplies that we need for today’s tasks, returning to the hospital with those before gathering Josh and Nancy from Parajito Azul just prior to lunch.

Around NiCasa this morning we began to get the base coat on the exterior of the Kitchen and Women’s Dorm. Henry took on the role as leader for Chris Veverka, Caitlin Houle and Ben Cyphers…and they learned from him how to use our new paint sprayer!

Our morning Rice & Beans group went walking in the neighborhood with Maritsa: Ilona, Eva and Sarah R.

Last out this morning was our Home Building crew as the truck had to take the supplies, one by one, to each of the 3 sites and then return for them. Marcus, Gwen, Paul S., Lauren and Joy Cayea headed out to complete 3 homes on this side of the day.

Holding down our fort, so to speak, was our Kitchen Crew led by Bev Gogola: Anna, Adam and Emily. Our BBB crew did their tasks fast and early as they headed out on other jobs: Chris, Ben, Caitlin and Marlee.


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