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Daily Journal: Sunday, February 20, 2011 (Early Edition)

By Bonnie Black
Another sunny, warm day in this part of heaven! It is so peaceful waking to the call of the various birds…and then the plastic top falls off of the bin, someone tries to close a door quietly and it slams in the wind, the lights in the bathroom flash on. Oh, well, once this facility is complete, the Women’s Dorm will have a ceiling and those little ways of awakening will be muffled. It still is a wonderful, relaxing place in which to awaken.

Sister said that this morning she sat outside of Carlos’ house where the nuns are staying and saw a beautiful bird joined in voice by others. It reminded her of the national bird of Nicaragua, the Guardabarranco…the ‘guard of the cliff.’ We have even seen them on our property.

We were serenaded again by Kevin on guitar and ‘the group’ which grows a bit each morning!

Sister asked us to order hammocks today as well as the organic coffee – signup sheets circulated during the meeting. She also noted that she is pleasantly pleased with the lack of requests to change tasks – what a great group!

Roger updated us all on the Health Fair which will require us to ‘picnic’ on our laps for lunch as the tables will be in use already for the Fair setup.

We had our reminders about collecting letters from the community for sponsors back home or gifts of food that may be brought to us.

Gwen led us in prayer this morning – spending time in stillness, focusing our hearts for what we will be called to do today. We then heard the world in chorus around us as we sat quite still. A passage from Micah read asking us, “What can we bring to the Lord?” supplemented by soft guitar music. Gwen then asked us to embrace God in all we are about to do.

Our tasks around the ‘house’ today are mainly centered around preparations for our Community Health Fair this afternoon…and now – off to Church!


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