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Daily Journal: Tuesday, July 26, 2011

By Bonnie Black
Well, you all knew before we did that the Main group did not set off as planned! We spoke on the phone with Bill Murray around 9:30am discovering that he and 10 others were not going to make it to Nicaragua today. They are staying overnight in Houston and will be in tomorrow night – very well rested!! Of the 11, all but 3 are veterans: Bill Murray, Cathy and Liz Hill, Ashley Goyette, Samantha Banker, Colleen Hammond, Stefanie Russell, Charles Simpson, Stephen Witkewicz, Serena Foster.

So, what have we been doing? Most of the families who were at yesterday’s meeting came for their foundation supplies: horse/cart, oxen/cart and trucks. It’s always so interesting to observe that variety of transportation methods. The other three people who missed yesterday’s meeting came and were instructed the same as the group yesterday was; one person missed the meeting because her year-old child was in the hospital. Chris assured that each family took the necessary supplies and the diagram for the foundation.

Angie and Lou worked on the sign for out front on our gate inviting the local children in tomorrow through Sunday to play in the afternoon – looks inviting with all of the cartoon-like characters!

Everyone worked hard on making sure the bathrooms and bedrooms were ‘just so’ for our arrivals beginning at Noon today while Chris worked on the assignment board. Of course, once we heard of the cancelled flights, it looked like Swiss cheese! So, adjustments were made and the board looks good – for the situation we’re in. Losing the first day will only set a couple of the projects back along with 3 of Sister’s planned appointments.

Bev and Bill C., along with Connie, went shopping this morning with Mauricio for our cleaning supplies as well as bulk food purchases. When they returned, Bev and Bill were dropped off at La Union supermarket while Mauricio took Chico and I to the airport to rent our first van and pick up Barbara and Anna who came in just after Noon. Chico, Barbara, Anna and I then went to buy the painting supplies for the next few days’ work. It took us four stores (all over town) to find something similar to the color we have. We had no idea that the store we had purchased the original paint at had recently closed.

The A Team ‘plus 2’ along with Mauricio, Chico and Rene (our other driver) along with Mariel (our CMMB volunteer) and Helena (her friend/translator) went to La Finca (a homestyle grill) for dinner before half of the Main group arrived. Half of our group were facing the direction where a lot of heat lightening was showing Nature’s variety of visuals. The restaurant is located at Rotondo del Periodista which is now painted in lively Central American colors. In the center of the rotary is a sculpture depicting Augusto Sandino on horseback getting a pamphlet off of a printing press from a worker.

Rene and I rented our second van while the group traveling in tonight arrived on Continental…minus their suitcases! Seems like the luggage didn’t make it to Houston in order to get on the plane to Managua. So…..Sister will have to return to the airport tomorrow to claim all 9of the missing suitcases. Seems like every obstacle was thrown in front of this group! It will ne at the same time that the remaining 11 will be coming in and, hopefully, all 20 will be here by early afternoon.

Everyone was quite happy to enter NiCasa at around 9:40pm (11:40pm your time). A quick orientation to the bathroom processes and lights went out quickly.

Of course, there were a few more changes to tomorrow Assignment Board as appointments were changed late in the evening and, without the suitcases nor the container delivery from CARITAS yet we have none of the sorting that we had planned for the first day (a tariff issue between the government and CARITAS is holding it up). I am sure we will get to it all, just on Nica time, not ours ;~)


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