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Daily Journal: Saturday, February 25, 2012 (Early Edition)

By Bonnie Black
This morning in the Women's Dorm we woke to cheery birthday wishes for Haley - a joyful experience!

Everyone was up bright and early raring to go, checking the Assignment Board. At this point in the Mission, the chores we need to get done take priority and don't always last a half day, so the board is visually busier than usual. Various work crews were gathering their supplies and staging things for the 8am roll out….

…and we began the morning meeting. Sister started the meeting with the song, "The Presence You Are:"

It's not what you do but how you do it. It's not what you see but how you see. It's not what you say, what you know or achieve. But it's the Presence, the Presence you are.

We sang it in a Taize-like manner with calming effect of the simple repetition of a poignant few words.

Allen let us know that he has the tack all paid for now for the horse at the Jinotepe farm - thanks to all here on the ground!

After other morning 'business,' Sister noted we are nearing the end of our Mission here as tomorrow is our last 'work' day and it is important to be attentive to what we say and do…like this morning's song.

We closed by singing "Go Light Your World" by Kathy Troccoli…let's carry our candle into today's work and light the world.

Of course, you need to know who's keeping us fed with nutritious food, right? It's Bev along with Sr. Claire, Sandy, Grace and Ben. Our illustrious BBB team is Nicole, Paul R., Mary Ellen and Brandon.

Out for the entire day at Angels of Hope Orphanage in El Crucero are Paul O., Tom, Nancy, Joan, Anna D., Haley, Amanda, Sarah R. and Sally. They are painting a couple of rooms and Tom will be fixing the pump for the cistern that Allen, Sarah R. and Corinne prepared the other day. Chico welded it last night and he arrived bright and early this morning, proudly presenting it to the group. He was their driver, so I am sure that he'll work with Tom to get it in. A safe way to access their water has been a goal since last year's mission - and it will be achieved today!

This morning at the Chiquilistagua Public School Henry and Nick, Megan, Brody and Corinne prepared the walls of a second classroom for painting later today. Allen began his work on the electrical which is atrocious. I am sure he pulled one of the group to assist him.

Our Home Shelter crew went out with James, Andrew, Clare, Anna K., Sara and Emily to build homes sponsored by Clare as well as Dan Ladue in memory of his parents. He has generously provided funds for a total of 3 homes, so we are doing one day…I think! After all, it's only midday so I don't know what changes may occur.

Working on final details of cartons, assuring we get everything to whomever is to have it today and tomorrow, were Diane, Mary Ellen, Brandon, Aislyn and Joy C.

Our morning Rice & Beans crew was a bit delayed getting out as our guide wasn't here at 9, so a call was made and one of the women arrived. We'll hear later where they went: Aidyanne, Priscilla, Joy L., Paul R. and Vicky. Before they left, though, a few of the group jumped in on the carton maneuvering project.

Connie M. and Nicole worked on the final gift prep as we will be giving all non-Niño and non-Nejapa students their gifts this afternoon when they arrive for their photos. The big day, though, is tomorrow when the bulk of the sponsored students and their families are here.

Although we may not want to think about it, today is the day we must also prepare to leave. Gathering the suitcases to be brought back (including nesting of smaller in larger), numbering and labeling was all handled by Connie T. and Kate with help from Sr. Cathy.

Inventorying the medical supplies was handled by Bill and Paul W. They organized the First Responder training materials along with our own supplies.

That seems to be it for this morning as everyone around NiCasa is busy getting everything ready for the final 'push out' of supplies while beginning the end process of Mission #44. Hasta luego!


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