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Daily Journal: Wednesday, February 22, 2012 (Evening Edition)

By Bonnie Black,
And on we went after lunch…

Paul R. and Tom removed the rest of the Somoza stones after lunch, Allen worked on more plumbing issues, painting of the balance of the rear porch continued with a few from this morning who had the drive to complete the task!

Moving from suitcase sorting to carton sorting – a harder and more arduous task…even dirtier – were Connie M., Diane and Joy C. They had help from the Rice & Beans crew of Amanda, Anna D., Aidyanne, Henry, Connie T. and Grace while they waited for their guide.

Nicole, Mary Ellen, Aislyn, Tom and James really got into placing Somoza stones in a place that will assist in a safer and easier bypass at the breezeway entrance.

Paul O. took a crew out to prep the walls at Velez Paiz Children’s Hospital where we will be painting later this week: Nick, Anna K., Kate, Brody, Clare and Sr. Cathy.

Clinic inventory continued with Sally and Priscilla taking on the tedious, but needed, job of our annual assessment of the medicines dispensed by our clinic doctor, Dr. Yamileth Zamorra. This will allow our medical team along with our administrator, Mauricio Flores, to determine what meds are needed and in what quantity to answer the needs here.

A big hit was the reading glasses screenings. Bill C., along with Victoria, Nancy, Andrew, Brandon, Emily and Haley were giving service with a smile to those coming to our Clinic. Using one of the mirrors from the Women’s Room, our neighbors were pleased with the results of how they look as well as how they saw.

Allen manufactured a steel plate for the water cistern up at Angels of Hope Orphanage at El Crucero along with the assistance of Corinne and Sarah R.

Toy sorting was handled with many smiles by Sr. Clare, Sandy, Diane and Joan…they even tried out some of the activity CDs in the Pavilion area after they were done! Anna D., while waiting to go on Rice & Beans, made a large sign with the playground rules that our Leadership Team approved recently…safety as well as fun are what it’s all about! Then Sr. Clare and Sandy put together bags of M&Ms to have for children this afternoon during playtime.

At 2:30pm, the children came into our front yard. The joy from the shouts of glee were perceptible from all around. Our Playground Point Persons (Diane, Joan, Sandy, Ben and Andrew) organized the kids and our members into many small circles as well as soccer – of course! But, with all of the home supplies taking up the side yard and our vans, there wasn’t much room for that except in a one-on-one basis. We took information on the children who came getting to know them a bit better. This new system should continue to work well.

Our evening meeting was delayed for 2+ hours tonight as almost 30 attended the l-o-n-g service at the Niño Jesus de Praga church pushing their dinner to almost 7:15 (it was a 5pm service).

Tonight at our evening meeting we began with some ‘housekeeping’ items: index cards, organic coffee orders, timing for tomorrow, money exchange envelopes, laundry process, and ashes for all from this morning’s service. That was all about our ‘doing’ Mission. Then we moved into our sharing time of ‘being’ Mission.

Megan and Paul shared their experience with Sister on a ‘mystery ride.’ She mentioned her experience at Nejapa when she went to assist with photos was impressive as she watched the Pre-K through Grade 2 students eat their daily meal at our Children Feeding Children program. Then, when she went over to Niño for photos, she saw a 3rd or 4th grader who, during recess, went over to a corner of the yard and picked up a discarded

Paul stated he thought that they got to see all of Managua! First they stopped at CARITAS and made a delivery of a Filtron filter and discussed the HIV orphans. A breakthrough today is that we found out that we can sponsor individual orphans, receive a profile photo and their name, to be kept in confidence. We are also allowed to buy water filters for their families.

Then they went on to Jinotepe and spent time in a hardware store with Mauricio buying the supplies for tomorrow’s work team. Megan then picked up noting they saw a one-piece wooden shovel available for sale in the store. Paul said he found the volcanoes interesting as they came down through San Marcos seeing Masaya Volcano from the ‘back’ passing many pineapple plantations along the way.

Paul R. noted how great his team was this morning and how helpful everyone was – even a couple of others joined in on the project of sorting the tin and wood for the home shelters.

Henry was so pleased that he got to go out on Rice & Beans today noticing the compassion and excitement in his fellow missioners. He said they brightened up all of those with whom they met. The only thing that caught him off guard was seeing a 2-year with only one shoe. Anna D. told us about a small old woman in a home who told them she was 101 years old…and they saw her ID that she wanted to verify her age. She asked for a stuffed animal and Amanda gave her a monkey which brought a wide smile to her face. Of course, veterans will recognize that she is the woman who donated the land in Monte Verde for the chapel Mission built over a decade ago. Amanda appreciated everyone who was on the team, especially Aidyanne who could really talk with them! Her day was made by the smiles she received from the kids to whom she gave a sticker. The last house they visited, as they left, the boy said, in English, “God bless you.” That resonated with all on the team. Sister noted that this was a great example of connecting with the hope-filled, joy-filled people here.

Tom spoke about the sidewalk which is in process and the help they received throughout the afternoon from various people who completed their own assignments…and they will continue tomorrow.

Sandy proudly noted that she got to go to Pajarito Azul this morning and appreciated the tour seeing all of it. She got to hold one of the little boys and that was a joy. She also learned that the 27-year-old girl who received a wheelchair from Molly Allen who came on Mission over a decade ago recently passed away. This is a connection as Molly also passed away about a year ago.

Joy C. thanked Kate, Paul and Henry for jumping in on the carton sorting near the end of the day. There will be more opportunity for others tomorrow!

Sister Cathy began our prayer for the evening reflecting on how we are called to sacrifice our time and talents to make the world a more compassionate place - a world with less suffering. We then concluded by listening to “Now Is The Moment – Now Is the Time.”

We will begin with an early meeting tomorrow – around 6:30am – so that Sister Debbie and her crew can head up to Chinandega which is near the Honduran border, about 2 hours away. The Kitchen Crew for tomorrow then met with Bev to get organized for the early breakfast tomorrow and get their instructions for the day. Others wrote in their journals and many chose tonight as shower time. Sara L. and Joy L. joined me in the Office to prepare the Assignment Board for tomorrow – read all about it in the Thursday Early Edition!


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