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Mission of Hope

About the North Country Mission of Hope

The North Country Mission of Hope began in 1999 as a direct ministerial response to the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Mitch on the impoverished villages of Chiquilistagua and Monte Verde in Nicaragua. The first mission team immediately recognized that direct, long-term assistance was vital in order to improve the lives of the people.

Working hand-in-hand with local community leaders, the mission's primary objective is to empower the people to help themselves through educational, healthcare , nutrition, water and community development projects. In addition, by enlightening the area student and adult missioners to the conditions and needs of the poor, we are able to bring about changes in our own communities.

The Mission has expanded to include students from numerous high schools and colleges, and a widely diverse group of good-willed adults. High school and college students form about half the group, while the other half is comprised of medical, educational, technical, environmental, and business developmental professionals.

To learn more about the North Country Mission of Hope, visit their website.