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Similar Situations, Different Responses, All Human

There are some situations that occur, it seems, simply to show us that while we may be different from others in various ways, there are some things in life that we all go through. It is called being human! Have you encountered any of these situations? If so, which one(s) and how did you handle it/them?

1. Realizing that you didn’t quite hang up your phone and now are paranoid about whether or not someone may have heard your conversation.

2. That moment that you were flirting with one potential lover, only to then see the potential lover of your dreams who saw you flirting with that other person.

3. Thinking you are nattily attired, nicely dressed, dressed to the nines, quite the dapper individual, only to cross your legs and realize you have on mismatched socks.

4. The frustration of realizing that though you are in a hurry to get dressed and get out of the house, you are out of clean underwear.

5. Rapidly completing your business to avoid getting a ticket because your car is illegally parked, only to find a ticket left on your windshield when you get back to your vehicle.

6. Attending a meeting of over 100 people and realizing that you are the only one (of your gender, race, generation) in the room

7. Hearing your new love interest tell you that you talk in your sleep, and as they say it she/he has a look on her/his face that leads you to believe that you may have said something you shouldn’t have.

8. The anxiety that accompanied the phone call you received from your boss’ office saying she wants to see you, immediately!

9. Attempting to complete your use of a public restroom and realizing that you are out of the proper materials to finish the job.

10. Encountering someone you know that addresses you by name, but whose name you can’t recall!

11. Congratulating a woman on her pregnancy only to discover that she isn’t pregnant.

12. Approaching two people, an older man and a younger woman, or older woman and younger man, and assuming that they are parent-child, when they are not.


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Here's how I'd handle and/or respond to each:
1. Make loud noises and break glasses while screaming for the monkeys to get back in their cage and then laugh as I wonder what is going through the mind of the person on the other end of the line.
2. Walk up to the other and say, "Baby, don't worry, there's plenty to go around."
3. Roll my pants up to the knees and walk backwards all day asking people if they liked my cool socks.
4. Wear the dirty underwear on my head.
5. Run to the cops with the ticket, hhug them and thank them, and then call them each time after I go out to inform them where I will be illegally parked next.
6. Walk around the room and shout, "can you believe I'm the only guy here who shaves his legs and underarms" and then wait and see if anyone else says, "Me too."
7. Every night after pretend I am sleeping and announce all sorts of crude, crazy, decrepit thoughts.
8. Walk in and before she say anything say, "Okay, that's the last time I steal a computer from the office, I swear."
9. Just leave my pants around my ankles, walk out into the store and announce I'm not going back in until someone gets me some toilet paper.
10. Look them in the eye and announce, "I have no idea who the heck you are. How does that make ya feel?"
11. Quickly respond, "Ever heard of Jenny Craig?"
12. I never assume that, my first response is a wink and a nod or high five to the older woman or man as I think, "Nice job. Keep making the rest of the world jealous."

Anyway, we spend too much time conforming, reacting in the predictable ways we have been socialized to respond. Start thinking and acting the exact opposite and then start keeping a count of how many people shun you because you aren't one of the many clones trudging along in the boring, same way as everyone else.

*** Steve, you are actually either quite bold, quite intimidating, or quietly answering your own questions, which in itself is quite scary! -- J.W. ***

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