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September 11, 2008

After Intense Privileged Discussion, Let’s Chill and Talk About Film a Bit!

When I lived in LA and had access to a large number of movie theaters--if I had no druthers about driving 30-60 minutes--I would spoil myself by traveling all over Southern California to catch themed film series. I have treated myself to a Bogart excursion where I have seen most of his films over a period of four weekends, many of those nights where I would sleep in my car on a Friday and/or Saturday night after the theater closed so I could wake up and continue sampling Bogie’s wares. Either by driving to far away movie theaters or with home rentals I have acquired insight into Hitchcock, Woody Allen, Elizabeth Taylor, Sidney Poitier, Paul Newman, and Denzel Washington’s film corpus. As strange as it may sound, I look back on all this gender imbalanced viewing and realize that while I was marveling at Liz Taylor’s beautiful brunette body of work, the men I found myself fascinated with were probably serving as some type of role models for me since my father was not in the mix and I was subconsciously working on my own identity development. In case you don’t know/remember, I teach a film class and use a wide variety of film clips fairly extensively in many of my classes. So, my taste ranges and as a self-proclaimed film buff I can go deep into certain genres, themes, actors and directors.

Okay, so with no further delay, what are the last three great/classic films that you’ve seen that you really want to tell someone about? What made them classic/great? Or, what is it about a film that makes it classic/great to you? Or, what is the film that you think is/was over-hyped?

My three recent favorites are “Gone Baby Gone,” “Sex & Lucia,” and “Music Within.” I’ll share my thoughts on what makes a film great or classic when one of you inspires me to do so by your take(s). Please don’t keep a brother waiting too long!