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October 18, 2011

Pre-Occupied With My Change

Occupy Wall Street! Presently, is there a phrase more spoken in the world? Because of Steve Jobs and Steve Zuckerman it isn’t hard to believe that people who have reached the threshold of what they can endure would one day refuse to be oppressed anymore. More-so, that they would launch an international movement by occupying a high profile street to make a socio-political statement-is visionary at its best, and gangsta as a quest. I must admit that I myself have also been preoccupied.

Even prior to the occupation of Wall Street I had become preoccupied by Steve Jobs contribution to technology, not just from the uniqueness of the I-phone, but the user friendliness of most technology now-a-days within what now feels like a Jobless universe, making it so simple for the world to be connected. Zuckerman—who was no sucker man—figured out early what no one else had done up to that point; that people’s vanity and curiosity would be a potent two-some to recruit, cultivate, and somehow continue to associate with your product, especially if one wanted to define and capture a new market. Apple technology, FaceBook, Skype, are only some of the things that have contributed to the occupational hazards. Then inspired people would find their way into a unified struggle to dispel perhaps the one true universal, greed. How intriguing it is that greed unfed will leave many dead, but greed fed creates more hunger instead. Though what the hungry then want surprisingly is not to eat, but to just ensure that they won’t ever be hungry. It is this mentality that as a consequence, birthed the 99% Movement in response. The 1% Movement, The Wall Street Tyrants, the Wall Street Proprietors, the Manipulative Capitalists, the Inconsiderate Citizen, or any other name that could be given a group of individuals that have finally been caught without a yarn to spin. There are no rocks for them to crawl under, no shadow to hide in. The so-called Wall Street Tyrants exhibit a mentality that has no qualms standing on the chests of others too ignorant to question the lack of rent control. It is not a problem for these so-called Wall Street Proprietors to be the one out of a hundred to benefit so inequitably. It is a shame that everyone else relative to the duped citizenry (the other 99 individuals) should all be comfortable with the manipulative capitalist having a grossly disproportionate slice of a pie that, even when thinly sliced, may not consistently feed everyone expecting a slice as an adequate meal. Instead, with the disproportionately oversized slice there is no doubt that others will not receive a slice.

What I find myself also preoccupied with is how Occupy Wall Street so resonates with what will one day be the Obama legacy. Come on, you can’t disconnect the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon from Obama. Yes, critics will forever link him to it as the president of the U.S. when/where it started. But his legacy is greater than that, relative to that. Obama is the president that made much of this technology “cool,” and/or “hip” to use. He is the technology (FaceBook, I-Phone, Skype) president.. His swagger, intellect, and youthful vitality, especially in contrasts to Bush’s outgoing persona, and McCain’s as the other choice, made his election a no brainer, a non-issue. He said he was going to bring a change that they believed in, but people thought he was going to do that work himself. No, he is in the trenches, and while fighting conspiratorial efforts (Mitch McConnell) to deny him any type of political victories, battling overt classism (Joe Wilson) packaged inadequately as covert racism, while living as a bi-racial man who can only be seen as Black, just in case he actually did want to be seen as White, or Bi-racial, he still made it happen. Yes, don’t get it twisted, the Occupy Wall Street Movement is proof of the change he said he would bring.

Perhaps his Black presidency, his previous political inexperience, the Birther movement, something inspired McConnell to make his comment, Joe Wilson to blurt out to the President of our country, “you lie,” but I think it is sheer folly to believe that this cool catalyst, this cool cat, A-list Obama wasn’t invaluable in getting our youth interested in, if not passionate about politics. As a result, perhaps consistent with Obama’s posturing against the Republican resistance to his jobs plan, finally seeing that the quest for wealth has cost some in our country its soul while others have found their heart.

This is an interesting time in American history. The Republican party, so committed to correcting what DuBois years ago identified as “the problem,” is creating its own “Ruckus” (check out Boondocks, the animated series) by parading around Herman Cain, who might as well be John McCain, except McCain couldn’t Mac, and Cain is Black, or is he? The black experience is widely conceived in this country, but like a gendered experience, or hetero-sexist experience, there are some universals experienced within every collective that are undeniable. How it appears that Herman Cain can’t relate to that pain, or abstain from gloating over his gain will remain outside of my domain, of understanding. If Cain were a democrat he would be respected far less by the Republicans if he weren’t more than ready to shuck and grin up in the big house, a house he hasn’t fully entered and may be more likely to clean.

But Cain isn’t the only one I’m preoccupied with. I’m curious about how many of the so-called “occupants” are going to grow from this experience beyond the thought that they took into the protesting. There are so many agendas to be served in any given moment, but has someone taken to naming the common theme that they can all operate towards achieving. How about themes? Respect! Consideration! Awareness of Unearned Privileges! Call me an idealist, but if every one of Wall Street’s so-called inhabitants had been educated from their youth to consider how their privilege oppresses someone our country would not be leading the world in the overthrow of dysfunctional governmental behavior. It would have been eradicated long ago.

Lastly, Obama promised upon his arrival in the White House that there would be change. He promised it would be significant. Who knew that change would come as a result of some of his mistakes, some of the political games others played against him, after some Tea Parties that left no one sober, and a group of disenfranchised people that decided to stand in line for days on end, only this time to not receive tickets, but to instead hand out walking papers. If I were Boehner, Cantor, and others that have bet against Obama I would be seriously considering ways to make some things happen before the next election. I would find some way to support his support of people who now have a movement behind them that transcends political parties about nothing more than maintaining the status quo of politicians instead of starting quixotic revolutions for its people. Every one continues to wonder how this is all going to turn out once the Occupy Wall Street Movements wind down. Who knows, but it could end up that a group of angry American just may be cantankerous enough to grant a second term to a president that is slowly convincing a populace that at the very least he cares. Yes, I’m preoccupied! I think I’ll hold onto my change for a while longer…